Product Introduction| High-performance VCSEL LiDAR driver board


Since 2020, Raysea Technology has developed high-performance VCSEL driver products (T series driver board) and its test platform for high-performance LiDAR class VCSEL chip product iterations, featuring extremely high refrequency and narrow pulse width. The T series driver board is capable of driving the unique multi-junction high-power VCSEL chip with a refrequency of 50MHz and a sub-nanosecond level pulse width (0.5ns~5.0ns stepless adjustable), resulting in lower heat generation and higher peak optical power, enabling the extreme performance of VCSEL chips for longer detection distances, reduced blind areas, and improved accuracy. Additionally, the original design of the drive product facilitates comprehensive evaluation of Raysea VCSEL performance to ensure that lidar products maintain high power, reliability, and eye safety.

01. T3-a product features

For Raysea’s unique multi-junction high-power VCSEL chip, the VCSEL driver product (T3-A) with extremely high refrequency has the following features:

– A maximum DC driving voltage of 80V, which can provide narrow pulse current to the VCSEL chip.

– Narrow pulse widths of 1.2ns to 8ns can be achieved, with a high-frequency pulse of up to 50MHz and a maximum peak current of 15A, which are matched to the multi-junction high-power VCSEL chip and can reproduce the actual driving conditions of vehicle lidar.

– Compatible with 3532 and 3030 surface-mount and plug-in VCSELs, easy to install and highly adaptable.

T3-a drive board

02. T4-b product features

The extremely narrow pulse width VCSEL drive product (T4-B) from Raysea has the following features:
⦁ The maximum DC 65V drive voltage provides narrow pulse current to the VCSEL chip.

⦁ achieve extremely narrow pulse width of 0.5ns~5ns, peak current 2A, matching multi-junction single hole or few holes VCSEL chip, extremely narrow pulse width ensures VCSEL chip thermal effect is smaller, higher reliability.

⦁ with Raysea unique multi-junction single-hole VCSEL chip, 8W optical power (0.52ns,1MHz refrequency) at 20V driving voltage.

⦁ Compatible with 3532, 3030 and other chip package chips, high adaptability.

T4-b driver board

The VCSEL LiDAR driver test board launched by Raysea Technology has been strictly controlled with the selection of core components, schematic design and PCB Layout to reduce the parasitic parameters of the device and shorten the inductance of the charge and discharge loop, optimize the heat dissipation design, and achieve extremely narrow optical pulse width output and extremely high pulse repetition frequency. The extremely high refrequency, extremely narrow pulse width driver board is at the forefront of the industry, which can accurately and quickly help customers evaluate the performance of the next generation of high-performance Lidar.
At present, the VCSEL LiDAR driver board has been tested and applied, and can be sold.
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